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      The Dance of the Spirits

Shamanic Healing Services


Shamanism  - a practice of healing

involving the seen and unseen worlds. 


What is Shamanism 

Shamanism it the world's oldest spiritual and healing practice where a person is able to experience an altered state of consciousness. In this state the practitioner can interact with compassionate spirits guides and request healing or information on behalf of others. 

About Us

We are shamanic practitioners who believe that during these these times of uncertainty it is important to work collectively where possible to provide compassionate shamanic healings and divination for people, animals and the land. This work can be done  remotely or in person.


Suzanne Arrelle

I combine shamanic practices with bodywork to help cleanse the client's energies that are not beneficial to them. I have found that  body work greatly assists the removal of  the imprints of non-beneficial energies. I also am very much drawn to working with a variety of buildings and urban landscape cleansing them of unwanted energies.

Tannis Beardmore

My  passion is to bring healings to the land and the waters, especially those that have been damaged by activities such as mining and deforestation. This work is done in the liminal space between this world and the spirit world.  I am inspired by the strength and resilience of all species, including human-kind.

In Person and Distance Shamanic Healing Sessions can include: 

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Extractions -  healing unwanted energies

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Soul retrieval

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   Power animal retrieval

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Healing ceremonies for honouring the ancestors, land, waters and for people.

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Psychopomp - death and dying assistance

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House clearings

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Curse unravelling

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Compassionate Depossession

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Services are available  in English and French

Ancestral healing